How do I go about registering for an auction?


First things first. Go to the auction you want to bid in. Find an item you want to bid on potentially and click it. You will find halfway down the screen where the product is, there will be a section that says  “Please register or log in if you want to bid.”


You will want to click the register button and go through the process of signing up there. You will need to input your billing & shipping address, create a username & password, input credit card information and accept our auction rules. Remember your log in and password for the auction because it will ask you to log in when placing a bid or for other information to access for your protection.


How do I go about bidding on an item?


Once you are logged into the system you will want to go back to the home page of the auction by either clicking the back page link or going to the original link you went to access the auction initially. Once you are back on the auction and found the item you want to bid on. Click on the item and halfway down the page of the product you will see a button that says My Bid $ and a drop-down button with an arrow pointing down. See here    

Here you will click the drop-down button and select your maximum bid. Your maximum bid could be any bid in the minimum increments of the auction which is the highest amount you are willing to bid. For example: If an item minimum bid is $399 with a $20 bid increment and you input a maximum bid of $499 then you are letting the system know to bid you up all the way to the $499 mark. If someone puts a bid down at $459 then they will be notified they are outbid and then the auction will go to the next increment past the $459 mark which would be $479. Submitting a maximum bid does not mean you are putting a straight bid of $499 it just means that is the most you are willing to pay and to let the system automatically bid it up for you up to that amount. You can always submit max bids throughout the auction if you decide later on or at another time that you would be willing to bud even higher on a maximum bid. You will win the auction at the amount that underbidders (people that out bids in for the item but got outbid by your maximum bid) stop placing their highest bids. 

When you have selected the maximum amount you are willing to bid you will then click the button that says  SUBMIT MAX BID  the next step will be where you confirm your bid and then confirm and you have placed your bid officially!

How do I track what items I have bid on?

You will want to go to "My Account" at the very top of the page. For your protection, it may ask you to re-login to the system. Once you click the My Account tab at the top, you will have access to the full dashboard where it gives you information on items you are bidding on, items you are watching as well as where to pay for items you won.

I have won an auction, how do I go about paying for it?

What you will want to do is access your "My Account" section by going to the homepage of the auction and at the very top of the page you will want to go to "My Account". It may ask you to log in.  You can also just goto the website: and look for the "My Account" at the top of the page.

Once you are into the dashboard for My Account, you will see the first section as Open Auction Invoices. You may or may not see an invoice here. If you do not it means we have yet to process an invoice for your winnings. Please wait up to 24 hours for an invoice to appear here. You will not be able to check out yet until we have processed an invoice. Once an invoice appears here in this section you can click the invoice for the transaction which is a bunch of #s (example 00020001). Click this link and it will give you a full breakdown of total charges as well as the billing and shipping information for the account. Once you confirm everything is accurate click the back button on the internet browser to go back to the "My Account" display once again. You will then want to click the button titled   CREDIT CARD CHECKOUT  and the website will bring you to the final screen where you will want to scroll to the bottom and put in the security code on your credit card (the same one you put on file when you signed up) and then click  SUBMIT  and you are all done!

There's an item I missed out on at the auction and was wondering if you had any more available?

 From time to time we have more than 1 item available of an item you may be interested in. Definitely give Inscriptagraphs a phone call or email so we can see if we can help you out! You can contact us by clicking HERE

If you have any other questions that are not seen above, please give Inscriptagraphs Memorabilia. CLICK HERE to reach our contact us section. Happy Bidding!