In order to bid on any auction, you must be logged into your account and have a valid and up to date credit card on file.  Click on the “My Account” button on top right-hand side in order to log in and start bidding. If you can’t recall your user name and or password click on “Forgot Bidder Id or Forgot Password”.  Keep your user name and password in a safe place for future reference, as this will remain your login and password for all future Inscriptagraphs Auctions. Please note: A credit card is required at sign-up in order to bid in an auction. We will authorize your card for a $1 transaction and there will be a hold on the $1 for 3-10 business days (depending on your bank) which will eventually drop off as it is not a charge. We do not charge you $1 to bid in an auction,  this is simply meant to let us know the card is legitimate and you are the authorized cardholder and your bank will then release the $1 back to your account within the 3-10 business days.

Every signed or game-used item for auction includes a Certificate of Authenticity from Inscriptagraphs directly or a Third Party Authentication company (JSA, PSA/DNA, Fanatics, Mounted Memories, Upper Deck, Tristar Productions, Sowa & Reiser, Seven Sins Collectibles etc.) unless otherwise noted. The authentication for each individual item will be noted in the listing.

Bid increments are as follows:

Any lot from $0-$199 will have a ten dollar ($10) minimum increase. Any lot from $200-$499 will have a twenty dollar ($20) minimum increase. Any lot from $500-$999 will have a thirty dollar ($30) minimum increase. Any lot from $1000-$1999 will have a fifty dollar ($50) minimum increase. Any lot from $2000-$3999 will have a one hundred dollar ($100) minimum increase. Any lot from $4000-INFINITY will have a two hundred and fifty dollars ($250 ) minimum increase. All bids will be made in whole dollar amounts.

Inscriptagraphs does not charge a buyer’s premium for any lots. The bid you win it for is the final price you pay. Inscriptagraphs reserves all rights to charge an additional fee for shipping if deemed necessary.

Inscriptagraphs is based in Las Vegas, NV and ships many items directly out of our Las Vegas Warehouse. Because of this, there could be a delay for you to receive your items and could take up to 4 weeks from the day you pay for your item to be delivered into your possession. Inscriptagraphs reserves the right to deliver your item via one of the following 2 methods. 1) Inscriptagraphs will deliver your item(s) directly from their Warehouse or a Vendor to your shipping address you provided at sign-up and only this address. 2) Auction Company will deliver your item directly to the partner organization in which the auction is being conducted with and that Organization will be responsible for disbursement of your item(s). You will contact this partner organization to arrange for delivery from them or you picking your item up. In the event this second option will be utilized, you will be contacted by Inscriptagraphs at the email you provided at sign-up to notify you of this arrangement and for you to make proper arrangements with that organization. In addition, Inscriptagraphs reserves the right to charge the winning bidder a shipping fee in addition to the amount paid for the Winning bidder’s items and by accepting the terms & conditions, The winning bidder accepts the financial responsibility of paying for any shipping charges billed to customer in the event Inscriptagraphs chooses to forgo both Options mentioned above.

Credit cards are the preferred method of payment for any invoice below $10,000. For anything above $10,000 we require a bank certified check, cashiers check or wire transfer. If paying with bank certified check, cashiers check or wire, please contact us at 844-474-4633 and speak with an Inscriptagraphs Auctions coordinator.  No Personal Checks over $5,000 and No checks/Money orders for orders below $1000 will be accepted. Inscriptagraphs Auctions only accepts Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover & Paypal for credit card payment. Special arrangements can be made prior to auction close to accept credit card charges in excess of $10,000.  Please note that Inscriptagraphs gift cards cannot be used as a form of payment for auction payments.


The majority of lots listed for sale will not have a reserve listed on the item. The seller does have the right to remove the reserve at any time if the bidding gets close enough to their reserve price. If a bid is placed below the reserve and the reserve is lifted the high bidder will be rewarded the item. 


Signing up for a bidder account will add all bidders to Inscriptagraphs’ marketing & mailing lists, and we may contact you to solicit our items for sale to you in the future. At any time, you may opt out of all emails and email subscriptions. I hereby accept that Inscriptagraphs may contact me for future promotions, sales, event notices, or any other marketing material via either email or through direct mail at the street address the bidder used to sign up for their bidder account.

An Outbid notification is sent to a registered user's email when another user has outbid (placed a higher maximum or straight bid) and the registered user is no longer the current high bidder. You may also receive an outbid notification immediately after placing a bid on an item if the registered user who had placed a bid earlier, is equal or greater than your bid.  In the event, a maximum or straight bid is placed and is equal to the current high bid, the earlier bid gets priority if the more recent bid is equal to the previously placed bid. 


While we make every effort to protect the frames included with these lots during pre-auction storage and post-auction shipping, we are not responsible for any damage to the frames themselves, and no refunds will be given due to frame damage. Not all framed photos in auctions are framed by Inscriptagraphs and we cannot guarantee the type of matting used, the style of mounting (whether it was dry mounted or other), nor other factors during the framing process unless specifically noted in the description. If items are removed from frames (or not) and determined they were not framed in a manner desirable, Inscriptagraphs is not responsible for the framing or the items, as many of these are consignments that may have been framed 10 – 20 years prior (if not more) to receipt. We do not accept returns on framed memorabilia that is purchased at auction for any of these reasons. In the event there is major frame damage to items, Inscriptagraphs will not this in the Auction Description. ALL FRAMES SOLD AS IS. 


Please note that unless stated in the lot title or description cases and framing are NOT INCLUDED with auction orders. If you win an item that does not include cases or frame you can add it for an additional cost by contacting the auction department at 844-474-4633 or via email at


Auction results will be posted on soon after the conclusion of the auction or you can view them if you’re the winning bidder by logging into your account. Winners will receive their invoice within 5 days of the auction ending. Once the invoice is received you will have 3 days to complete payment. WE WILL NOT automatically charge your credit card within this time period. At the end of 3 days, credit cards on file will be automatically charged for any invoice not paid within the allotted 3 days, unless you have made prior arrangements with an Inscriptagraphs’ Auctions coordinator. By accepting the terms & conditions of our auctions, the Winning Bidder hereby gives authority to Inscriptagraphs to charge the payment method Winning Bidder registered with Inscriptagraphs at Bidder sign-up and agree not to dispute any charges with their card issuer or bank as these are valid charges for the auction lots I have won and I am hereby aware that bidding on any item is a legal contract and I agree to pay all amounts charged by Inscriptagraphs for my winning bids. In the event winning bidder opens a chargeback dispute with their credit card issuer or bank, Inscriptagraphs has the right to charge a (fifty dollars) $50.00 fee on the winning bidder's payment method or other means of payment from winning bidder for the chargeback/dispute. Winning Bidder agrees not to dispute the $50.00 chargeback fee with their bank or credit card issuer.

All State of Nevada residents must pay sales tax. In Nevada, a sales tax rate of 8.25% will apply for all transactions regardless of county. For all other states, due to each state that has varying tax laws in regards to online sales tax collection depending on the revenue Inscriptagraphs does a year online or how many transactions in your state, sales tax may apply for any auction at any time during the event. In addition, auctions at any point may put our thresholds above your state’s requirements for sales tax collection and even though sales tax may not be a requirement at the time of your bid, sales tax collection could become necessary during the auction and after you have made your bid. Please note, any sales taxes due will be added to your invoice at the end of the auction and you will be required to pay this amount as your state requires this legally. We will be unable to deliver any items to you until all sales taxes have been paid in full.  


When you bid on and then potentially win a lot at auction, you enter into a binding contract with Inscriptagraphs Auctions. Bids cannot be deleted once they are made. If you are the winning bidder of an auction lot(s), payment is mandatory on that item(s). Failure to pay for an item(s) can result in being banned from bidding in future Inscriptagraphs Auctions. Under certain circumstances, legal action may be required. If payment is not received within the timeframe prescribed above, it may result in forfeiture of the item(s) or your payment method being charged for the items the winning bidder won at auction. By accepting the terms & conditions of our auctions, the Winning Bidder hereby gives authority to Inscriptagraphs to charge the payment method Winning Bidder registered with Inscriptagraphs at Bidder sign-up and agree not to dispute any charges with their card issuer or bank as these are valid charges for the auction lots I have won and I am hereby aware that bidding on any item is a legal contract and I agree to pay all amounts charged by Inscriptagraphs for my winning bids. Inscriptagraphs reserves the right to cancel any bid at any time for any reason during any auction.

In the event you do not agree with any terms and conditions for Inscriptagraphs Auctions’, please exit off our website completely and do not sign up for any bidding or a bidder account. By registering as a bidder for Inscriptagraphs Auctions, you accept all rules, terms & conditions set forth above.